We buy & operate great SaaS companies.

Vinster is a small-scale private equity company from Germany with the subtle difference that we invest our own money and not on behalf of other people. We intend to buy your software company to hold it forever.

Hi founders, we are here to help you to move on to your next project.

We buy your SaaS hassle-free, no strings attached. Promise.

Why? Because we are operators first, investors second. We are in it for the longterm, not until the next equity round.

Private Equity / Venture Capital

Complicated deal structures
  • Legal Army involved
  • 6-9 months process
  • Dilution of equity
  • Banksters & Investors
  • Cost cutting, unrealistic growth demands


Flexible & simple deal structure
  • No lawyers and industry jargon
  • 30 days process
  • All equity deal
  • Founders that know your struggle
  • No external investors involved

Vinster was born out of our own experience to sell our bootstrapped company which we built over the past 5 years. As entrepreneurs we were stunned by the inefficiencies of the process and the meaningless back and forth about irrelevant details.

We thought there must be a better way and a better experience for founders. Combined with illiquid exit markets for companies below 1 million in revenue and/or EBITDA we decided to pursue that opportunity and help fellow founders to move on to their next project, as they can rest assured that their project found a home.

Value adds

We follow our battle-tested playbook to make software companies sustainably and profitably grow. We are experienced founders, marketers and engineers.

Growth Marketing

Experts in SEO, PPC strategies and CRO best practices we install processes to repeatedly market digital products.

Financial Stability

We professionalise financial operations by streamlining all processes onto our proven platform.

International Operations

We utilise our vast international network to tap into a global workforce to internationalise local products.

Scenarios (we are a good fit if...)

Venture capital soft-landings

You raised money from angel investors and venture capital funds but could not get to product market fit / scale mode or your market is smaller than you initially thought. You want an out that suits you, your investors and your team members.

Exits for indie founders

You build a great technical product but you lack the know-how in marketing, finance and operations to make your project really fly. Or you just want to move on to the next thing.

Scale problems

Your side project turned out bigger than you expected, but to scale further you would need to hire a whole team which is not supported by your cashflows. Or your venture funded start-up never made it beyond the initial product market fit.

Succession challenges

You ran your business for 10 years plus and want to retire with an sizeable exit that provides an easy out for you without any earn out. Your business might be stagnant because brining it back to growth would require big tech investments that you are not willing to make. 

Turn around situations

Your business is declining due to operational complexities. Nevertheless the core business model is still intact and an outside view is needed to turn the growth engine back on.

Cap table clean ups

You and your co-founders have different views for the future of the company and can not find a way to resolve your problems. Let’s make that founders divorce nice, smooth and easy. Or your company filed for bankruptcy and need new investors that can take over.


After the initial contact via mail we usually have a Zoom meeting with interested companies to find out whether we can establish a professional level of trust. We have a strict no a**hole policy. If we can’t trust each other we should not be in business together. If we find a general understanding around your company / project we sign a NDA and move on to the next steps.

After signing a NDA we will ask you to answer a couple of questions about your business and share the most relevant numbers & KPIs. Based on your answers and numbers we  provide you with a letter of intent to buy your project / company if it fits our criteria.

During the due diligence period we verify all data you shared with us. Be prepared to share account access with us during that period as we check your business legally, commercially and on a technical basis.

After due diligence we sign the final purchasing agreement, wire the money into an escrow account and release it as soon as all assets we bought are safely transferred.

We intend to make sure that you never hear from us again 6 months after the sale (if you don’t want to). Within that period should be available to us based on the capacity we agree upon during negotiations in order to make sure that the transition runs smoothly.