Operators First, Investors second

We are comprised of successful internet entrepreneurs who learned the ropes the hard way. Bootstrapping means failing with your own money. And yes, that hurts if it does not turn out how you imagine it. But the lessons learned are invaluable.

We want to help others achieve what we achieved in the past and help founders to transition to their next thing. Why?

Because we also have seen the dark site of entrepreneurship:

– Business model fatigue

– Investor trouble

– Burn-out

– Changed life plans

– Founder divorce

– Financial ruin

– Market shifts

– Google updates

– Loneliness

– and a million other reasons

The thing is: For every single thing that works, 20 other don’t. And it is okay to move on. You don’t have to be the lone wolf that works against circumstances that are not in your favour. We made a business model out of this, so we can make it work at scale. 

Reach out to us, we are happy to hear your story! Because every business is unique and deserves a long term home.

Core Values

Urge To Act

We assume to know nothing and constantly challenge our hypotheses.

Direct & No Bulls*it

We don’t hide behind corporate politics and have little to no filter when it comes to achieving results.


If it is not simple, I ain’t gonna work. We strive for easy to act business solutions that don’t require a rocket science degree.


We work smart, not hard. We think twice about all eventualities before we go all in. Test small, go big.


Strong opinions, loosely held. If yesterdays assumptions do not hold up today, we throw them out of the window with zero regrets.


We get better. Everyday. Period. 

Based on our own experience we know how tedious business relations can be. Partnerships, investors, employees and other stakeholders demand your attention and complexity ten-folds in no time. 

That’s why we prefer to work with other founders. Founder to founder, no other parties that at best *assume* what it means to be an entrepreneur. But people who have actually done something. 

Working with Vinster means fast decisions, no politics, no back and forth, quick & fair results.