After the initial contact via mail we usually have a Zoom meeting with interested companies to find out whether we can establish a professional level of trust. We have a strict no a**hole policy. If we can’t trust each other we should not be in business together. If we find a general understanding around your company / project we sign a NDA and move on to the next steps.

After signing a NDA we will ask you to answer a couple of questions about your business and share the most relevant numbers & KPIs. Based on your answers and numbers we  provide you with a letter of intent to buy your project / company if it fits our criteria.

During the due diligence period we verify all data you shared with us. Be prepared to share account access with us during that period as we check your business legally, commercially and on a technical basis.

After due diligence we sign the final purchasing agreement, wire the money into an escrow account and release it as soon as all assets we bought are safely transferred.

We intend to make sure that you never hear from us again 6 months after the sale (if you don’t want to). Within that period should be available to us based on the capacity we agree upon during negotiations in order to make sure that the transition runs smoothly.